Landarbide Zahar is my name, which means `Pilgrims’ way` (the way of Santiago passed through me). It seems that I was built around 1610 and since then a lot of people has been living under my roof. In 1790 Ygnacio Antonio Agote and his wife Maria Josepha Yrarramendi came to live in me with their six children. This farmer’s humble family worked my fields over the years and fed their livestock with the result of their hard work. I am not a simple house, my arms embrace quite a few acres of grassland and forests.

Many years have passed by, some better than others, but the family Agote is still living in me. Fermin Agote and his wife Mª Jesus Beobide with their children Amaia and Xabier live now with me and they are also dedicated to agricultural and cattle work like their ancestors. They undertook some reforms in 1996 and since then the old barn and the block have been converted into 6 double rooms and 4 apartments. Now, guests from all the parts of the world come and stay in me. I think this was my destiny, now totally fulfilled; I am `Landarbide Zahar` (Pilgrims’ Way): couldn’t have a better name…

If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, somewhere that is easily accessible, and a homey atmosphere so you can enjoy the proximity of the sea in privileged natural surroundings and travel to get to know the Basque Country, then you have come to the right place.

Just come and visit me, you will sure enjoy your stay !!